Gracie Fields -1978 Royal Variety guest appearance -Full Song!

George Feyer, 1966: Echoes of Love - A Man and a Woman; I Wish You Love; Fascination;

Ehrick Rossiter, Architect for a Golden Age in Washington and the Nation

Habanera (live at Schoenberg Hall in Los Angeles)

I Was a Ninety-pound Weakling

SOLD: Bechstein model III 7ft 9in 1902 - richer than a modern grand

II. quarter note = 180

Vintage 1946 Universal Newsreel Japan Today

FGN - new guitar and bass brand by FUJIGEN Japan. FGN EXPERT Mighty Jazz by Garth Fielding [Part2]

JJ Jewel HB90 Custom complete refret (Peachy's Blinders re-visited)